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Climate Control Vent Problem

Cogz Jun 16, 2009

  1. Cogz

    Cogz New Member

    Hi to one and all, newbie to the site but what a great site.
    I own a 1996 A4 1.8 B5, the problem regarding the climate control is that all the vents blow air except the 4 front dashboard vents, the 4 above the center console.
    Has anyone come across this problem and if so any ideas whats wrong and how to fix it ?

    Many thanks for taking the time to read my post,
    im sorry if its posted in the wrong place or been answered before,
    looking foward to your thoughts and solutions

  2. Siena

    Siena Active Member

    It's possible you have a faulty servomotor - the little motors that control the flaps.

    I'd get the system scanned for faults, for starters.

    I take it you mean 3 vents above the console?
  3. Cogz

    Cogz New Member

    Siena, thank you for your reply, yes i do mean the 3 vents, sorry.
    Ill do what you suggest and get the fault codes, thanks again for your quick reply. have a good day

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