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Climate control upgrade

felga Oct 22, 2010

  1. felga

    felga New Member

    I`m about to swap the centre console in my 1998 1.8 A3, I already have 2001 facelift console with everything but the climate control doesn`t work :/

    ANyone made that upgrade with everything working as should ? Or the climate control is broken ? I would like to know before I`ll buy antoher climate unit.

    I had pre-facelift electronic climate unit and this is what i bought to install 2din sat nav.

    Imageshack - p1030705z.jpg
    Imageshack - p1030704l.jpg
  2. felga

    felga New Member

    I just bought another A3 facelift unit but doesn`t work either :/

    So there is a difference in power supply plug , anyone have the RH plug without the shield so i can compare the pinout ?

  3. leshkin

    leshkin Hold my beer... VCDS Map User Gold Supporter Team Sepang Audi S3

    I think that you will have more fundamental issues with using he new climate control unit than just the power feed, as the climate unit interfaces with quite a few of the systems in the car to judge the temperature output. I doubt that this is possible, but reserve the right to be corrected.

    On another note, you got a spare ash-tray for the facelift car? PM me if you want to sell it ;)

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