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climate control unit

imported_turbonutterb Jul 21, 2005

  1. Hi everybody. New owner and straight in with a question..I have an early 1.8 t sport ,(96, a4) which seems to be in need of a climate control unit, (it,ll turn the temp down, but not back up again).I,ve heard that the unit for an early car 95/96 is in fact different to that on the later models 97+ although they look the same and are therefore not interchangable.Can anybody shed some light on this for me. Cheers in advance. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif
  2. AndyC

    AndyC Moderator Moderator

    they are different...

    you need to traul the breakers yards for them...

    the computer inside is different..

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