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climate control unit

gaz4410 Jan 9, 2011

  1. gaz4410

    gaz4410 Member

    help needed
    could anybody tell me how to remove the double din climate control unit
    from my 2007 a3.
  2. sub39h

    sub39h Active Member

    put your gear stick into Drive or 4th gear (for more space)

    protect the area with a towel or something

    open the card tray

    stick your hand in the hole and give the trim surround a tug and it should come off.

    with a long thin screwdriver to push the tabs in the top corners of all the buttons, pulling gently to loosen each corner then pull out

    index finger in each corner of the climate unit and give it a sharp tug. you need to use a fair bit of force

    remove wiring



    check post #35

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