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Climate control problem/leak.....

macninja Jun 2, 2006

  1. macninja

    macninja New Member

    Just recently i've noticed that the rear n/s passenger footwell is soaking wet in my a6tdi avant 2000 model, at 1st i thought it may be froma seal round the door or window but on further inspection i noticed it is coming from the air vent under the passenger seat in the floor! The problem only seems to arise when the climate control is on and switched to the low setting so is this the climate control unit on its way out or is just a case of fixing a leak somewhere???.......i'm at a loss so any help gratefully received.
  2. Rev-head

    Rev-head Active Member

  3. Blueone

    Blueone New Member

    I have just had the same problem
    I pulled the complete battery cover panel off and the whole rear seaction of the engine compartment was full right up to and into the cabin filter.
    The drain hole under the battery (bloody hard to find when looking) was caked in rubbish.
    There was over 3 gallons of water in the section.
    Since I cleared it, no problems

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