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climate again..sorry

imported_v60 Sep 30, 2004

  1. imported_v60

    imported_v60 Guest

    hi guys 1st posts a problem i'me afraid just got my 1st audi 1.8 avant se estate
    its on a96 plate and i have a problem with the climate it does everything bar get cold
    i've done plenty of searches on this site but still stumped..
    the code its throwing up on 1c is 11.7 now i know what this means(central flap,sporadic block)
    my question is would this stop the compresser from kicking in because it never does
    looked at the fuses everythings ok there. it holds its set temp ok otherwise just dont get bloody cold...any help would be great...regards
  2. Fraser

    Fraser Member

    sounds like it needs a regas, probably got a leak somewhere in the system

    a good specialist should be able to sort it, although it is a pain to track down leaks sometimes.

    was the loss of cold gradual ? if so probably a leak, if it was sudden then the condenser might have gone (get it checked out)

    regas should cost about 40 quid

    condenser s cost upto 100 quid, but you can get 2nd hand ones from 4rings
  3. imported_v60

    imported_v60 Guest

    thanks for the reply it turned out to be the low pressure swicth
    it was low on gas a recharge with the dye cost £70 squids ..that hurt /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/ooo.gif
    everything seems ok now i'll just have to wait to see if it leaks /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile_smoking.gif
  4. ajmackie

    ajmackie Member

    shame winter is coming up!!!!!!!

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