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Clicking noise in 1st gear

bmerrilees Nov 14, 2004

  1. bmerrilees

    bmerrilees New Member

    Hi all, just new to this,

    Just recently brought a 1999 A4, 2.8, quattro, with 5 speed manual. Has 83000 miles on it.
    When i start off there is a clicking noise in 1st gear that increases with rpm. The nosie is only in 1st gear, and also stops when i get off the gas and let the car coast in gear.
    First i was thinking CV, but no noises when turning corners, and its only in 1st gear.
    The noise is on the front right side of the car, which onfuses me as the transmission is centered under the car.
    Any ideas would apprecaited.
  2. imported_DrOdius

    imported_DrOdius Guest

    Don't know if this helps but when bought my old A4 2.8 Quatty there was a clicking noise only in 2nd gear (or it could have been 1st also, but my memory is going funny in my old age) that increased with revs, sounded quite cool, but turned out to be a faulty gear /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif

    Probably best to get the stealers to have a look at it...

    Mine was off the road for a few weeks as they sourced the parts to fix - lucky under warranty

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