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'Click' when lifting off the throttle

ADi Nuff Valves Jul 12, 2011

  1. Hi guys/gals,

    I was driving along in slow moving traffic (1st gear) with the windows down the other day. Everytime I lifted off the throttle (not touching the clutch) I got a strange 'click' sound that sounded like it was coming from beneath the car. Has anyone got any idea what this might be? It was certainly more of a 'click' than a 'clunk'.

    I can notice it more if I drive next to a wall as the sound bounces off and is easier to hear. Very strange, can't find anything on the search. Anyone else noticed anything like this?

  2. Luken

    Luken New Member

    Yep, I've had that before. It's intermittent really as with most clicks and rattles with my s3! Not happened for a little while though
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2011
  3. s3ollie

    s3ollie Member

    i have this. its been there ever since I got the car. sounds like it coming from the haldex or rear diff area to me. could be cv or uj joint on the prop or drive shafts or the haldex i thought. never really investigated it further. mine also does it [click] as i re-apply the power
  4. paddy

    paddy Audi=No fault code, no idea Team Ibis Audi S3 Black Edition DSG

    Sounds like a small amount of back lash in the drive train, probably in the prop UJ's or spline. Nothing to worry about IMHO.
  5. Cheers for the replies. It's only on 16,000 so wouldn't of thought it could be due to wear. It might be going in to the garage again soon so will mention it to them anyway.
  6. johnbev

    johnbev Member

    It is the exhaust, onthe backbox there is a valve that operates to close a butterfly in one of the exits it is there to improve back pressure at low speeds and open up on throttle. You will see a kind of rod which clicks. I have a brand new one and still clicks on my s3
  7. NCRAW

    NCRAW Member

    Hehe, last year i thought i was going nuts. I was the only one who could hear it and Audi Australia had no answer to it until they hoisted the car and drove it while up in the air. As mentioned above its the exhaust left outlet valve designed to reduce noise emissions in Germany when at certain throttle/speeds. Its a combination of the two so it doesnt happen if you are at a certain speed etc. thats why its intermittent. totally normal. just have a look at the exhaust tip and you will see it.
  8. Cheers guys. I did wonder if it could be exhaust related. Will have a crawl around underneath it and take a look.
  9. -Ju-

    -Ju- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Team Panther Audi S3

    It's a lot easier to hear from behind, my mate has the same car as me and I can here his clear as day when he drives off, likewise he can here mine when I drive off.
  10. paddy

    paddy Audi=No fault code, no idea Team Ibis Audi S3 Black Edition DSG

    Ah thats why i didnt thik of that, mine is disconnected:)

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