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Clearing fault sign on dash display on A6 Avant 2001

CO11K9 Feb 1, 2012

  1. CO11K9

    CO11K9 Member

    I have just changed my water temp sensor on my car, I have disconnected the battery,but that didn't clear the dash warning light.
    Audi want to charge me £75 for half an hours labour to clear it !!!!!!!!!!

    Any one know another way to clear it?


    AUDI A6 AVANT 2001 QUATTRO 4.2 V8
  2. kite

    kite Member VCDS Map User

    Look in the vagcom section for a member in your area to clear the light for you
  3. Ligur

    Ligur Member

    You may find that the fault indication clears itself after a few starts of the car. I had a similar issue when I disconnected the MAF on my car to replace the headlamp buld as this brought up a fault.

    Failing that just about any garage with the right kit should be able to clear it a lot cheaper than £75, i know my local garage charges £25 for a full scan of faults, a print out of the faults and reseting of any fault indications that are no longer valid.

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