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Clearing bad learnt parameters and resetting service reminder S3 8P

NCRAW Nov 5, 2011

  1. NCRAW

    NCRAW Member

    Hi guys

    Couple of issues

    1) I had to drive 700kms with a bad pcv until I replaced it with the BSH fix. It was recommended to me to do a throttle body adaptation which is not an issue but also recommended was to clear the bad parameters the car would have learnt as it doesn't feel as punch as before. Is there a way of doing the clearing via vcds?

    2) I now have a reminder display telling service due in xx days / xx kms. How do I change that to actually what I will service it at which does not match what it's displaying (was serviced at independent and they forgot to change it) and also so it doesnt pop until closer to actual date.


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