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Cleaning/treating the rag top

linners Apr 6, 2011

  1. linners

    linners Member

    I'm sure this has been done to death before and I could search on old topics but I'd like to get a refresh on anything new out there

    Renovo seems to get good reviews with their soft top canvas cleaner but Autoglyms cabrio fabric cleaner pips it according to: Soft Top cleaners test | Products | Auto Express

    Any experiences with these or other products?

    And next on to revivers - Renovo seem to be the least daunting here - I don't like the idea of dyeing (not that my rag top needs it)

    Again, any experiences would be greatly received

    And lastly onto waterproofing - loads of this stuff around for tents/boats etc. What's the difference between these and (again) Renovo?

  2. CMD

    CMD Pointing Forward's!!!!!!!!!

    We use this on convertable's.

    303 Fabric/Vinyl Convertable Cleaner

    303 calls it a convertible top cleaner. You'll call it an everything cleaner!
    • Cleans both fabric and vinyl convertible tops
    • Works great on your interior fabric, carpet and vinyl, too!
    Need to clean your convertible top? 303 Convertible Top Cleaner will do the job, and a whole lot more! 303 Convertible Top Cleaner is safe for all convertible tops regardless of the top's material. This multi-purpose cleaner safely cleans vinyl and fabric tops, carpet, vinyl upholstery and velour.
    Try it on grungy floor mats and be amazed. If this cleaner doesn't remove your worst stains, nothing will take them out! Not overstating, this cleaner will amaze you.

    This wonderful 303 cleaner is a proprietary blend of sequester agents, surfactants and hyper-wetting agents. It works by lifting and suspending oil, grease and dirt so it can be rinsed or wiped away. Personally, I like this cleaner because it's extremely effective, safe and does not leave a white residue like so many other cleaners.

    303 Convertible Top Cleaner meets or exceeds EPA standards for biodegradability. It does not contain soaps, detergents, toxic organics, phosphates, nitrates, enzymes, caustics, VOC's or abrasives. I also like that it is not a skin irritant and it does not contain any known or suspected carcinogens.
  3. rjm180

    rjm180 Active Member

    I use the 303 Cleaner and also a 303 Fabric Guard to protect and they are very impressive products. Water beads off the roof with the fabric guard applied.
  4. V8Guzzler

    V8Guzzler Active Member

    Save yourself a bit of dosh... Use Milton sterilizing tablets in some warm water with a medium firm brush to get rid of any moss / green stuff. Then buy a tin of Fabsil and use this to re-waterproof it... I do mine every year like this - still looks like new... Fabsil is about £17 quid a tin...
  5. linners

    linners Member


    Thanks guys

    Gonna try Big Rich's tip and see how it goes :thumbsup:
  6. saxonblue

    saxonblue Member

    Am going to re-do my roof soonish
    I have used the autoglim stuff but theres still some spots and
    Staines on there that aint going
    The re-proofer seems to work well though,
    Water beeds up and runs off on the move ok, wosh the od spot and marks would go though
  7. Cabbyfan

    Cabbyfan Active Member

    Did mine last weekend with the AG kit, its defo better but not perfect but quite a few reviews said it takes 2 goes to get it proper clean.
  8. itsmeagain

    itsmeagain 1.8T Sport Cabriolet

    I used the Autoglym kit. It worked fine
  9. Jimmeh

    Jimmeh Active Member

    Another 303 user here.. (albeit with the Autoglym 'sponge'!)

    One thing to consider, common sense really, but don't get too close to the fabric with a pressure washer. Use it, fine. Just knock the pressure down if you can and don't get too close!
  10. mjsummer

    mjsummer Member

    Autoglyms cabrio fabric cleaner worked fine fro me beeds off as others have said but wont remove little mould spots or discolouring in the hood what will??

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