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Cleaning products

James.Asbri Sep 5, 2009

  1. James.Asbri

    James.Asbri Vorsprung Durch Technik

    Hi all

    I've now had my car 6 months and not getting the results I want when cleaning it! When I purchased the car I was told the best products to use were Autoglym so I was quick to purchase the Lifeshine pack! I spend a good few hours on cleaning it but never seem to get the showroom finish that I'm after, not sure whether its the idiot (me) washing it or if theres better products to use on the market? I am forever seeing cleaner wheels, bodywork and chrome everywhere and its starting to annoy me!

    Can anybody come to an agreement of the best products to use to get that showroom finish?


  2. Staz

    Staz is a retronaut Moderator VCDS Map User

  3. SteveTDCi

    SteveTDCi Active Member

    I always used Jeffs products on the A3 which was black and the flake really did pop in the sun. I've just switched to FK products for the Leon and they really do give a good finish.

    Try www.detailingword.co.uk
  4. Gryphon001

    Gryphon001 Active Member

    I have been using P21S since I bought the car and love it... I believe it goes by R222 in Europe. That's only the exterior but if you want good results, their kit and a claybar is a good way to go. Just very time consuming, claybar takes for EVER to do.


    looks kinda like this after the full treatment...


    The last pic actually got selected by P21S to go on their website. Gotta love freebies :yahoo:
  5. gixxer600k4

    gixxer600k4 Member

    what do u do when cleaning it? some people think that the wax is what gives the shine, but its not. you need to do a lot more before putting the wax on. once i have given my wheels and car a good clean, i clay it with some medium abrasive clay http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/detailing-clay/meguiars-quik-clay-kit-50g-clay-/prod_226.html (this is a great starter pack) and some lubricant, once i have decontaminated the car i give it another wash and then dry it properly. if it has swirls or scratches, i use my rotary polisher with the correct pad and some 3M products. when the paint is corrected i apply two coats of glaze which is like a final paint correction, its very fine and its helps gives a superb finish. between coats i wait 15-20mins and give a buff over with clean cloth before applying next coat. the glaze i use is http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/glazes/ez-glaze-with-acrylic-shine-ii/prod_145.html the poorboys collection for glaze is also very good. once the two coats are on i then apply three coats of chemical guys jetseal. http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/sealants/chemical-guys-jet-seal-109/prod_484.html bit pricey buts its (IMHO) the best. i then apply my two coats of colour specific hard wax. http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/wax/dodo-juice/dodo-juice-diamond-white/prod_405.html (if you look through the dodo wax collection they do different types for different coloured cars) and then apply two coats of http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/wax/dodo-juice/dodo-juice-supernatural-v2/prod_438.html this is a bit pricey i know, but it is so good and it last for ages, i have had my pot nearly a year now, and the beading effect on car last ages too. once all of this is completed i buff over with a clean dry cloth and then do once over with either zaino Z8 or dodo juice red mist. i apply aerospace 303 protectant http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/interior/303-aerospace-protectant/prod_366.html to all interior and exterior plastics and megs endurance tire gel to the tires.
  6. gixxer600k4

    gixxer600k4 Member




    these are quite old photos... another thing that is very important, is to always use a clean cloth, get yourself some decent microfiber cloths.
  7. evapor8

    evapor8 Member

    I'm pretty much in the same position.

    Got myself a Nilfisk pressure washer, and have been reading through detailingworld.co.uk for the last 6 months admiring the cars and trying to get some kit ideas.

    I've used Autoglym products and Megs NXT on my 206's in the past, but I can now see that I was the cause of the swirly paintwork with my rough and ready washing techniques!

    Will get myself a foam lance for the Nilfisk shortly and then try and decide which shampoos. etc to get!


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