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Cleaning MAF sensor on 1.9TDI

N11KDJ Mar 20, 2013

  1. N11KDJ

    N11KDJ Active Member

    Is there a guide on how to clean the MAF sensor somewhere ? I've had a look but can't see anything, I've got some electrical contact cleaner today, do I need to remove the whole thing or just take the sensor out if the plastic tubing & clean that on its own?

    Any help much appreciated..
  2. audilad9

    audilad9 Member

    Pull off air duct that channels air to filter housing.
    Unplug MAF sensor using small flathead screwdriver.
    Using a torx bit with indent (hollow end) undo 2 screws holding MAF in place.
    Remove MAF and give it a good spraying with the contact cleaner until clean.
    replace, refit screws, plug, duct.
  3. N11KDJ

    N11KDJ Active Member

    Cheers for that, I took the whole maf housing off and sprayed thoroughly inside , hopefully that'll have cleaned it ok, I think I've found the problem now anyway, boost pipe not connected properly.
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