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Cleaning EGR valve on 2.0 TDI (170) Query

marky67 May 21, 2012

  1. marky67

    marky67 Member

    When I was cleaning out the EGR valve (removing all carbon etc) I noticed quite a bit of oil on the inside of the inlet pipe.
    This made the carbon soft and sticky.....

    I assume this oil originates from possibly the turbo seals?

    Currently not putting an excessive amount of oil in.

    Performance & economy have improved since cleaning.

    Question is: Has anyone else noticed this when cleaning out the EGR valve?

    Should I be concerned that it is burning a bit of oil his way?
  2. c4a5er

    c4a5er Member

    I shouldn't worry they all have some oil in the induction system.
    The crankcase emissions discharge into the turbo inlet ducting, although they go through some oil separation first the hot gasses themselves contain oil vapour which condenses when passing through the intercooler hence you will always find the egr and inlet wet with oil.
  3. marky67

    marky67 Member

    Thanks "c4a5er" that's good to hear.
    I was just a bit concerned 'cause I was not expecting it to be wet..... and had thoughts that the turbo was on it's way out.

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