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Chroming up!

Dannyhall Aug 23, 2011

  1. Dannyhall

    Dannyhall Member

    Looking to do as much of my exterior chrome as possible before doin the same with the interior, i think chrome goes well with my ice silver paint! Any tips on what to do, what to stay away from and what looks good?
  2. slade777

    slade777 Member

    Not something you hear much of. Most people are de chroming but good luck and get some pics up.

    Personally I think they have enough of the stuff when they are standard or say S line spec and adding anymore will make it look like a christmas tree!
  3. Dannyhall

    Dannyhall Member

    I'l try to be as minimalistic as possible but get some of the basics like exhaust, fog lights, wing mirrors etc, i just think it makes it look more clean cut, il try get some prices and begin, pictures will follow shortly after purchases
  4. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Moderator VCDS Map User

    When you say chrome do you mean gloss chrome, or the sort of colour on S3 mirror caps?

    Only advice I'd give is that I wouldn't do anything that is likely to polarise opinions as at the moment dealer trade in prices are on their ****, and they look for any excuse to knock a few quid off so tread with caution and dont bee too radical!
  5. Dannyhall

    Dannyhall Member

    I had in mind the sort on s3 which is why i try to scower away from ebay, it's very misleading, on my grille conversion i baught a bumper what was named as 'ready to fit' .. When it came it needed filling plastic welding, prep and paintwork.. I hate to see cars that have got too much going on, try to just improve the look rather than add on if you get me, nothing too much

    WAFTER Member

    It's all so down to personal taste & people are so eager to be judgemental but then if you ask for opinions and thoughts you get them.
    The commercial implication of adding what often looks like blobs of chrome everywhere does, as has already been noted, impact on values, main dealers in particular prefer bog standard. For example I have just traded in a Honda S2000 which had a sports exhaust & some mesh grilles hiding awful black plastic blanks. The grilles were quickly removed but all Audi and BMW dealers (main dealerships not secondhand car lots ) viewed the car whilst the slightly noisy exhaust was fitted and to a dealer they all wanted to be assured the OE exhaust would be fitted back on before being traded in.
    Note for example how many suppliers realised that Mazda Miata/Eunos/MX-5 owners love spending money on 'personalising' their cars, endlessly adding masses of add-on items which include numerous acres of chrome and even fake wood! Even Mazda themselves offer a range of (overpriced) 'blingy' accessories. Overdone it can look tatty and few may share your individual approach.
    I like the subtle chrome/look-a-like stainless steel waist lines, door handle trim, spotlight surrounds & exhaust trim of some Audi's, to which I have added chrome effect wheel nut covers to replace the cheap grey plastic standard items. Nothing else is need in my view.
    Contrasting chrome, or in the case of a neighbours red Seat FR, silver mirror housings highlights two appendages stuck on the side of a neatly designed car, so why draw attention to them?
    Want to be a little subtle? It's in the detail when up-grading the presentation. Bet your wheel hubs and brake callipers are dirty dusty and rusty. Fancy and often expensive 4 or 5 spoked alloys are a waste if your eye is drawn to the muck behind them. Silver paint and in the case of the callipers a coloured paint makes all the difference.
    Well those are my personal views so hope they help. Whatever - enjoy and do your thing.

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