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Chorus to concert 3 adapter cable

Synchromesh Jun 20, 2009

  1. Synchromesh

    Synchromesh :-)


    I"ve searched the forum and abused google for this, but I couldn't find a accurate answer.

    I have a 2006 Audi A3 and I want to replace my single din non-bose chorus radio with a double din concert 3 radio. I've already found how to fit it in the dash in one of the many rns-e retrofit topics. However, I still have one question...which adapter cable do I need to connect the concert 3? Are they the same as the RNS-E adapter cables, or are they different? Does Audi have these, if so, does anyone know the partnumber? My Audi stealer couldn't help me out, nor could my local ICE-farmer.

    However, I did a company that sells these...
    Audi RNS-E adapter set. They look like they would fit, but will they work? :think:

    Thanks a lot!
    Greets :racer:


    Well, no need for this anymore, I found what I was looking for on kufatec...

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