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Choosing RNS-E help

sworks16 Mar 11, 2007

  1. sworks16

    sworks16 Member

    Currently we have the symphony 2 cd player installed with the 6 cd changer at the top so it's double din

    The RNS-E will be a straight swap, i assume you can put over 6 cd;s worth of information onto the two memory cards?

    Does the dvd need to be in all the time to use the sat nav?

    I need to buy the RNS-E for an 8p audi a3? the relevant lead, we don't have bose so is there only one other lead?

    How much more expensive is it to install blue tooth as i haven't found that much info on the bluetooth side of things? we don't have a multi function steering wheel, so are there normaly buttons you can use?

    Will any of the units of ebay work or is it better to buy from someone in particular i.e topsatnavs?

    Will we also need to dvd for 2007? sorry for so many questions just looking for more info before i commit to buying one?

    I assume you wouldn't need an ipod link once you can have two sd cards worth of mp3's?
  2. JamS3

    JamS3 Active Member


    1. You can put up to a 4GB memory card in each slot so fit loads of music on.

    2. Dvd must be in all the time to use the navigation

    3. Have a look on www.kufatec.de for the correct lead

    4. Craigyb on these forums will fit bluetooth for you for £399 and you don't have to have the multi function wheel.

    5. Topsatnavs has a good rep on this forum as does nikin777 who I and another member have bought from with no probs.

    6. Craigyb can also supply the 2007 disc

    7. You can always have a ipod link if you want, depends how much music you have/want!
  3. benw123

    benw123 Moderator

    JamS3 is spot with all of the above. The only other thing I would add - and regulars will know what website I'm about to quote next (!) - is to check out http://www.navplus.us. Perfect research for all things RNS-E.

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