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Choices Choices...

mdre83 Apr 28, 2009


Which would you choose...?

  1. A4 Saloon

  2. A4 Advant

  3. 5 Series BMW

  1. mdre83

    mdre83 Member

    Having owner two A3s and an A4 prior to having my now Vectra which was bought to fit pram dog in etc.
    However, my heart has always been with Audi, I've looked at a 5 series but not sure another saloon would be a good choice...
    I'm now looking at an A4 Advant, not that I really wanted an estate.

    Those that own an A4 Advant what do you think of it and would you recommend one?
  2. johnnythepie

    johnnythepie Well-Known Member

    Having just taken delivery of my second avant which is three weeks old I would say no.dont do it.Theres still hardley any room in the 'boot', but its the quality issue that is most important, let alone that it handles like a jelly.Theyve really dumbed down the quality compared to the b7, and im kicking myself for renewing.The interior plastics are aka yaris, and the dash is designed by matsui/saisho.Awful cheap haed plastic knobs unlike the previous quality soft touch.Combine that with the ridiculous fob in dash key that takes at least three buggering about pushes to start, and the equally stupid electronic handbrake(no more j turns!) and your temper will be strained.Even the door hinges have been cheapened.Single sliding bar as oppossed to the previous knuckle joints...but i guess this is to save weight/money.I have my own problems with my new one as per my other post, and really regret selling my 06 b7.Ok, the new A4 is stunning to look at (bar the fairy lights) but poor to drive.If its looks you want then its the A4.If you want to drive it, then the BM every time.
  3. scoTTy

    scoTTy Active Member

    You're on an Audi forum so it will be a bit biased.

    I've just moved from an S4 saloon to an Avant (not Advant ;))

    I'm happy to have the extra flexbility. The actual increase in space you get isn't that huge but you can do more with it.

    I eliminated the 3 series touring as the boot was way too small.

    I didn't look at 5 series as the overall car is bigger than what the Mrs was happy with.
  4. mdre83

    mdre83 Member

    Avant - sorry my typo.

    The boot on the 5 Series saloon takes the buggy/pram we have but won't leave much room for much else.
    If i was to go for an A4 it would have to be the an older one rather than the current new one. Personally I don't think the new one looks as aggressive. I agree interior is very nice but overall I think I prefer the older one.

    Thanks for the replies.
  5. Crazyfool

    Crazyfool Lead boot

    After the second son arriving two weeks ago, I would prefer to have an A6 avant, but they are huge, so definately A4 avant for me. Although I have always said 'the bigger the car...the more c**p you pack in it'

    As you can imagine having a 306 as a family car now; we pack very well!
  6. alzo999

    alzo999 Audi Crazy

    we just traded in our A3 as the boot and 3 doors was just a nightmare due to having an 18 month old boy and all his luggage!!!!

    After looking at 3 series estates, 5 series saloons and A4 Avants (new shape 09) there was no choice what so ever...A4 avant won hands down. plenty of accessible room in the boot, (no point in having a bigger 5 series boot but cant get prams in etc due to it being a saloon)decent enough leg room in the rear. Personally i found it great to drive and the interior was excellent.

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