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Chips or Fries??

28v6 Jun 22, 2006

  1. 28v6

    28v6 Guest

    I'm hearing lots of bad things about having your vehicle chipped, like it allegedly shortening the life of the engine. As an Engineer I can't see this somehow as it doesn't directly affect mechanical moving parts i.e bearings pistons etc.. Whats the forum opinion on this? Does anyone have proof of for or against this?
  2. dummi

    dummi smoking a6

    well i think the basic principle this is refering to is that the more power and work done as you know it will create more where

    but on the flipside the car is usually tuned to perform more efficiently than at factory settings so more efficient work is less stress and wear. factory settings i believe are designed for ability to run the car in extreme situations like glaciers and deserts for the most demanding people in the world,, the consumer.

    so load of cr@p chips are good IMO
  3. jcs356

    jcs356 Brum brum

    My Ibiza was chipped 8 years ago, since when I've covered over 60,000 miles, including nearly a dozen track days. Still on the original clutch and engine internals. OK, its only a normally aspirated car so the power gain wasn't that great compared to a turbo rechip.

    There will be a large factor of safety in all the mechanicals to allow for some variation in production. A rechip just erodes a bit of that factor.

    You are more likely to 'wear out' a non modified car by ragging it all the time compared to mixed driving of a chipped car.
  4. amb276s3

    amb276s3 bird spotter

    after owning an s3 and modding it to death, no max power stuff just the usual remap, exhaust, clutch flywheel etc etc i am now unsure about changing anything on my a4 tdi, i like the fact that its 5 months old and standard, not that i had any tuning related problems with my s3 but i just feel much more confident going on a very long drive with the standard car, in fact i must have spent £10,000 on mods in nearly 3 years plus £20,000 to buy the car, im sure you can get a very drivable and quick standard car for £30k, i think thats the route i will be taking next time, a bit off topic i know but hope it helps 28v6

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