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Chip Question. APR vs GIAC

indica Dec 19, 2003

  1. indica

    indica New Member

    I am looking for some help in determining which of these two chips to get. They both offer the ability to change between multiple programs[APR's ECMS and GIAC's IBC Chipswitch] as well as offer updates to the software with regards to more extenisive modifications. The two chips offer very similar results as far as gains are concerned although i have been hearing a lot of talk saying that APR has taken the easier route in pulling these gains by just cranking the hell out of the boost. From what i have heard that the GIAC chip has a more reliable and more friendly set of curves, levels, etc, while still achieveing nearly the same results.

    can anyone out there help me sort this out??


  2. Atlanticdrifter

    Atlanticdrifter New Member

    You are right about one of the chip tuners mainly only boosting the turbo. However it is the other way around. I talked to my local shop that works on quite a bit of A4's, they told me that the cars with GIAC chips are mostly boost upgrades. I searched AudiWorld and found the same thing. With some research, I found APR to be better. I just got a APR chip and could not be happier. Heat in the engine compartment remains low, better idle than stock, better gas mileage, and tons of power. Get APR, you won't regret it.
  3. sisiu84

    sisiu84 New Member

  4. jmg

    jmg New Member

    i don't think you can go rongwith either. GIAC is more aggressive, APR more smooth.

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