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Chip MTM v's Revo

FrankG Oct 19, 2006

  1. FrankG

    FrankG Member

    I was originally going to have my 2004 163bhp A4 b6 1.8T avant chipped by MTM but it now turns out the supplier in Ireland has to take out my ECU and ship it over to Germany to have the relevant work carried out, this will mean my car would be of the road for 3-4 days which doesn't suit me. So my next option is Revo, I believe you can drive in and have the relevant work carried out while you wait.
    1. How do you Revo guys rate the product?
    2. Which should I go for?
    3. What is the difference in preformance like?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. nb

    nb Very poorly A3 at the moment..........

    Frank, REVO in my opinion are class remaps. I'm sure alot of other remappers on here will have mixed opinions with AMD being highly regarded too but its a matter of what suits you.
    But to give you an example......i have an a3 2.0t qtro and it has gone from 200 to 265 bhp when running 99 fuel i.e vpower, and torque is just stupid going from 220 to 315. I didnt think that these claims would be supported in the driving but believe me they are. Now i aint saying i know what 265 brake or 315 lbs torque feels like, but it feels like they have swapped my engine for something else!! Its not aggressive power, well it is but it is achieved very smoothly and my car has kept all the drivability albeit i am finding it seriously difficult to keep it below 90 in sixth!!

    have a look on the site to see what they claim and decide if its for you!!

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