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Chip from Audi

dgannon69 Aug 6, 2005

  1. dgannon69

    dgannon69 Member

    Hi guys, i have come accross the opportunity to get a chip from Listers Audi but not yet sure of the cost... might be about £300 i think. any1 had a chip direct from audi before? and what can you say about them? cheers.
  2. TDI-line

    TDI-line Uber Post Whore Team Floret Silver quattro Audi A3 Black Edition TDi

    What model and engine was the chip for, and what was the expected performance gain to be?
  3. scoTTy

    scoTTy Active Member

    "Audi" don't do chips.

    Some franchises sell them but don't be fooled. It will affect youre Audi warranty. They may (or may not) back them with their own 3rd party warranty but be in no doubt this will affect your normal Audi warranty.

    p.s. I think they just send your car to AMD and then take out an additional warranty policy to cover themselves.
  4. ScoTTy I'm sure you're right..

    I had the choice of going direct to AMD, or going through (Wayside? not sure will have to look) Audi to get my remap done..

    There was no price difference, so I went through Audi - Having that official Audi invoice for the job may indeed prove worthless, as the warranty is surely affected, but I felt then and still do that it could not possibly hurt!

    And they didnt take it to AMD, I did - I had merely paid Audi in advance!

    Ed at AMD was as helpful as ever..
  5. dgannon69

    dgannon69 Member

    well here's the deal. a friend of a friend has an X-reg RS4 and was going to get it done through listers. but he knows someone that works there and they sed they will do it for £600 instead of £1500 that audi would charge... he says his warranty will still be valid because the guy works for audi bla bla...i'm trying to find out what the gains are and what the cost will be but he reckons a few hundred quid or less. i didnt get my car from audi so i hav no warranty. i've got AA parts and labour cover which is a sort of warranty :S so if this deal with audi sounds any good i will get that, otherwise its a superchip or Revo or Amd because they come with warranty's don't they?lol cheers guys

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