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Cherry Motors - Dudley

jlillington Oct 15, 2012

  1. jlillington

    jlillington Member

    I'm currently advertising my B8 S4 Avant on pistonheads and I have received an email from a guy called James Challis who owns an independent dealer called Cherry Motors in Dudley. He offered to sell my call through his dealership for no cost to me. I was wondering if anyone had sold their car through him or bought a car through him? Or anyone who lives in the area and knows of it? I checked out his website which seems kosher but wanted a second opinion!

  2. Dean756

    Dean756 New Member

    I have recently sold my RS 5 to James at Cherry Motors. I can't praise him highly enough.
    He started with an e-mail, then we chatted about the car and the money. He then paid a deposit into my account.I arranged to meet him at the airport, where he checked the car out and promptly paid the remainder of the money in to my account.
    he also sorted out the private plates for me.
    If you looking at seeking your car to Cherry Motors, then I would highly recommend James.

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