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Cheers to the Chris Knott team

fishyfish Apr 15, 2014

  1. fishyfish

    fishyfish Member

    I'm sure everyone here loves that special time of year when your renewal letter drops through the front door... but I am pleased to say I made it through this year's Total Insurance Wipeout with a rather pleasing result!

    A big thankyou to Martin at Chris Knott for being very helpful and courteous in managing to smash my £635 renewal offer (from Sky) down to £369 (with extra trimmings such as courtesy car, key cover, 90 day euro cover, protected NCB, etc, that my renewal offer didn't even include). He even matched a slightly ethically-dubious quote from another broker (apparently quoting for the exact same policy/underwriter at a cheaper premium and lower excess is a bit of an industry no-no) without even a hint of surliness. All told, five stars for service... cheers Martin!

    Bad luck to the other contestants, but I will see you all next year when the battle continues... round 26, fight! :)
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