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Checking the tandem pump.

benjie Oct 30, 2011

  1. benjie

    benjie Well-Known Member

    I might be being paranoid here, but I just wondered if anyone could tell me how to check the tandem pump on my 1.9TDI AVF engine for leaks.

    I've been reading some forums (I know, I know, pinch of salt!) regarding oil in the engine bay - which I have. It's just always there, even after a thorough clean (including the fabric sound-proofing under the bonnet). A couple of the forums both point to a seal on the tandem fuel pump being the root of the problem.

    The car's also not starting as well as I think it should (!) when the car is warm... usually, 1-2 grunts and it starts. From warm it can be 4-5 and like it's struggling to catch - could this be related, or all in my paranoid brain?

    If anyone can help, or has had some personal experience, that would be great!

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