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check engine light

imported_mikee111 Jul 11, 2004

  1. hey my a4's check engine light just came on the other day...
    i was wondering if there is any way to do a diagnostics check or an obd2 checker that i can make or buy to see what the problem is...
    there was no difference in how i drove the car and i did check the gas cap to see if it was on tightly...
    my car is a 2001 (b5 chassis) a4 1.8 turbo fasttrack
    thanks in advance

  2. ImolaS4

    ImolaS4 Member

    You can buy the VAG software and load it onto your laptop. Then you communicate via the obd port under the dash. I believe it's the best investment you can do for your car. Go here:VAG-COM

    RICH2JOSH Member

    Hey Mikee111

    Welcome to the forum. Sorry I have no better information for your query than that given above but I was just wondering ...is the Fastrack the same as the sport model ?.

  4. well... the check engine light just went away for a little bit and came back... and after a while it went away again and hasn't come back on yet... so hopefully, it was just something being misread and went back to normal...
    this is my first euro car, so i'm not too familiar, i usually work on japanese cars.. my current project is a 88 turbo II rx7 with a 91 japanese imported motor (almost finished, need to work out the bugs and smog problesm, 88 and 91 motors are very different with smog set ups)
    as far as the fast track model, i'm not sure what the sport model is, but the fast track is just a fancy name for front wheel drive, instead of the quattro - all wheel drive.
  5. K212

    K212 Member

    I have the same problem with my check engine light. One time it was some kind of short circuit. But lately it has come on and off. It could be that your gas cap isnt tight?

    Warranty department told me not to worry about it unless the check engine light starts blinking on and off.
  6. checked the gas cap, i always do now...
    i read about the gas cap issue a while back

    now the light just wont go away... it's still freakin on

    i'm just thinking about taking it in to audi and have them take a look at it, but i dont wanna have to pay them... haha

    my friend has an obd2 data logger on his pda, maybe i can take a look at that and see if my readings are off.
  7. imported_RastaS4

    imported_RastaS4 Guest

    Take it to a vag-com specialist or buy vag-com and put it on your pc. Like everyone says: it's a great investment. Most probably a misread...vag-com will hit the spot for you.


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