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Check ecu box fuses as car won't start now computer LCD is out?

mjsummer Nov 25, 2012

  1. mjsummer

    mjsummer Member

    Ok so below is the conversation I've had on another post that has lead me to this problem . Basically car wouldn't start no jump start no turn over at all battery seemed ok as dash lights on . So checked all fuses all good. Then as suggested tried ecu unit fuses as no fuel pump noise at all. No water in there and fuses all ok (don't know about the fuel relay fuse ) put lid back on then no computer on car so it didn't show the ok check. Now wipers won't work and lights at front don't come on even though dash says they are. Rear lights on very dim. ???? Any ideas?

    "Check inside the relay/ecu cover on the top left of the engine bay. Mine was full of water and fooked the relays - this caused the car not to start

    Ok now another problem ! So I checked the fuses in the ecu unit so there was a 15amp blade which was ok a large 40amp which I could see was fine so didn't remove and the grey block fuse which I believe is the fuel pump relay which I removed and check the blades they were fine and dry replaced then tried ignition this time the park and air bag etc lights came on but not the computer with the ok check?? Now the front lights don't come on but green light shows on dash window wipers do nothing and rear lights on very dim?? Ac lights are fine and bright and works? Window seems a bit slow ? Any ideas why would checking those fuses do any of this? Also checked fuse box inside and every fuse is intact
    thanks for the replies "
  2. GarJE

    GarJE Member

    I'd go back and isolate the wiring of your recent amplifier installation.

    That's your last known good configuration.

    Work from there.

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