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Cheapest place for a CAI?

mrmchammer Apr 25, 2011

  1. mrmchammer

    mrmchammer Member

    Wanting to get an ITG cai for my s3, anyone seen any bargains or similar or 2nd hand?
  2. yuan2211

    yuan2211 Member

    Hi, yes we can arrange this but as group buys are a bit of a pain to set up we will run a discount code through our web shop (shop.revotechnik.com) for a limited time if this is publicised on the forums by you and the other guys.

    This way each guy will have their own account and pay with their own credit card straight through the site and get the discount.

    We will be willing to offer 15% off until the 8th May, this will also run alongside our £100 off Software promotion.

    You must be registered with shop.revotechnik.com for the discount code to work.

    When the ITG S3 intake is in your shopping cart, in the discount code box type:


    click "apply coupon"

    This will then deduct 15% off the proice of the ITG



    hope it helps

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