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Cheap - VW Polo Saloon

TM Jul 6, 2012

  1. TM

    TM S-line SB

    For Sale - VW Polo 1.6 CL

    Thought I'd Stick this up incase anyone is looking for a cheap runabout.

    Metallic Black

    Registered 2nd January 1998
    3 Previous owners - last owner since 2005

    MOT - 25th September 2012
    Tax - 31st August 2012
    85,900 miles (will go up by about 20 miles a day)
    V5 present

    Front electric windows (passengers not working)
    Electrically adjustable wing mirrors
    Heated front seats
    Kenwood CD player

    I have owned this car for just under a month, I bought it as a run around before my new car was available (should be here the week of 16th July so the car is ready to go from then). For a 14 year old car its in decent shape, the body work is straight and apart from a odd scratch here and there, its pretty clean. The car is mechanically sound and as far I can tell wants for nothing, it starts first time and goes like it should. Maybe the clutch is a bit stiff if I'm honest, but maybe thats just me because I'm used to moderner cars. Today I just clocked 500 miles since ownership. Since owning the car I have had the thermostat housing refurbished as it had a slight leak (common problem) and thermostat replaced. Now holds coolant fine, also holds its oil. Also I have replaced the drivers door lock mechanism as this packed up shortly after I bought it (again a common problem) after getting annoyed with climbing through the boot to open it up haha! The passenger side does not lock with the key from outside, tried replacing mechanism also but a new handle will be needed. Last week the middle section on the exhaust blew, so I had this replaced.

    I have the original VW wheel trims for the car (not pictured). The interior is in good shape, no rips or tears.

    Drop me a PM or call/text 07921522358 for any more info
    Car is available for viewing evenings/weekends in Birmingham


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