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Cheap(ish) Audi winter tyres and wheels package

SebRogers Sep 28, 2011

  1. SebRogers

    SebRogers Member

    Following my thinking aloud thread about winter tyres recently, I did some digging around for tyre prices. I'd just about given up on the idea of fitting winter tyres (due to the cost of running them on 18s and the hassle involved in switching over), when I found these on ebay for £675. Pukka set of four 16" VAG winter wheels (not sure what makes them winter-specific, but apparently they're designed to withstand the onslaught of road salt) plus a set of Bridgestone Blizzaks, all balanced and ready to go, for about the same price as a set of four 18" winter tyres.

    Audi's currently offering winter tyre and wheel packages for the A4 (17s though, not 16s) at a shade over £1100. The 16s are last year's stock, apparently, but otherwise brand new and the genuine article. Mine arrived today and I'm dead chuffed :D

    The way I see it, this means I've got a complete set of wheels and tyres that I can change myself, according to the weather, for less than the price of switching to winter rubber on my 18s. I even looked at the possibility of buying some second-hand alloys just for winter tyres, but at this price for brand new ones plus tyres the used option looked barmy.

    Anyway. For anyone who's sitting on the fence, I thought I'd share the link. The seller's a VW dealer in Hereford, so it's all completely above board. :thumbsup:

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