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Cheap Continental tyres?

Discussion in 'A6/S6/Allroad forum (C5 Chassis)' started by daveb99, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. daveb99

    daveb99 Member

    Jan 22, 2009
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    I have been offered 2 brand new Continental Contisport 255/35 ZR19 M3 at a very good price, they are the original contisports, not the version 2 or 3.

    I think they are intended for the BMW M3, but will fit my A6 Le Mans. I'm very tempted but wondering if I might have an issue if they are not XL (extra load) rated, i.e. they lack the stiffer side walls which I think are recommended (not sure if mandatory) for the A6 C6.

    I'd welcome some opinions on this, as I'm very close to going for it !
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  3. Fraser

    Fraser Member

    Aug 31, 2003
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    they are probably cheap as they are quite old, tyres do have a shelf life

    the XL thing is weird, the C5 RS6 did not require XL tyres, but the allroad did.

    not sure on the C6 chassis, but I was looking for tyre recently and decided not to risk it, as wrong tyres can invalidate your insurance if you have a smash or somthing happens
  4. crispin

    crispin Member

    May 30, 2006
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    I think they might be quite old as I put the series 2 on my old S6 so these must be old?? I would never take risk on tyres, how cheap can they be.......not worth it!

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