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Cheap Audi OEM alloys that look good on C5 A6 Avant

deanogtv Jan 30, 2012

  1. deanogtv

    deanogtv New Member


    I'm now the proud owner of a 2003 A6 Avant (2.5 TDi) which is in brilliant condition apart from the alloys. I'm considering swapping them with something else as they are really scuffed and let the car down.

    I dont want to spend loads of money on them as its my daily driver so I'm considertion a set off an auction site. So my question would be what other standard Audi alloys will fit and what looks good on a dark grey C5 Avant???

    Let me know your thought

  2. I have just had a set of the RS6 lookalike 5 spoke 18" alloys, as fitted to the Audi A3, refurbished. They are in dark grey and being the genuine Ronal/Audi wheels they aren't prone to cracking etc as are the copies. I was going to use them on my Allroad, but at 7.5" they aren't wide enough to fill the wider arches so I am considering selling them. If you were interested we could discuss this. They have been done in a mid to dark grey colour so they would look nice on your grey car. Do you have 18" alloys fitted? If so, you can use your own tyres to help keep costs down. I haven't even had tyres fitted to these wheels yet and they look stunning!

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