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Chavs!!! And mcdonalds sauce!!!!

monkey_lewis Apr 14, 2012

  1. monkey_lewis

    monkey_lewis Reverse Gear

    Right just been out with mates up the pub, coming back and pulled into a petrol station (nothing abnormal there...) it was a pay before you take at the night desk so as usual, get out to go and put money down and as i turn round a little black car (saxo, corsa, clio type) goes past the station and lobs mcdonalds curry sauce out the window... Hits the floor and splatters all up the drivers wing and door!!! **** ******* ***** **** ***** (many swearwords) the bloke there didnt even have the cctv recording to see who it was, but even if he did wouldnt have seen cus they were on the road not in the fuel station... Its not even like it looks like a got a private plate on it (have but its std length, digits, and style) its got no bodykit on it, std turbo wheels for the a3 8l and im minding my own business.... Just seems to be a sh*t magnet for idiots and even parking miles away from everyone in sainsburys car park some dippy woman draggs a shopping trolley up the side of it... I was in the car at the time... I went garetty the store manager come out saw me going mental at the woman rung security and i was 'escorted' off the premesis... He wouldnt listen and didnt wanna go look at the cctv... To**ers!!!!!!!

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