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Chauffeur for my groom.....please

H2bpetrolhead Jul 18, 2012

  1. H2bpetrolhead

    H2bpetrolhead New Member

    hi. i am getting married on september 8th 2012 and my fiancé is a petrol head. He has had many different cars from

    Porsche boxster
    Skyline GTR 32
    Evo 9
    Evo 6

    and just recently sold his nogaro Blue S3 (which i didn't want him to)

    So i am asking someone on here from scotland if they are willing to help me out as a surprise wedding present for my husband to be.

    If you would pick him up from his parents in inverkeithng and take him to his venue which is just in Uphall outside of livingston which is about a half hour drive.

    Obviously i would give you something for you kindness :) thanks in advance

    He has always loved the r8 as well as myself but a wee bit out of our price range lol

    thanks gill
  2. AHV

    AHV New Member

    If I was a lot closer i'd be there. Hope you find what you're after and have a great day.

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