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Changing to facelift lights and mirrors?

Sohrob Jul 10, 2008

  1. Sohrob

    Sohrob Member

    With the facelift model on its way do you think this would be a relatively simple task?

    The light shape looks the same from what i have seen so far. Are there any other changes that have been made to the appearance?
  2. MarcQuinlivan

    MarcQuinlivan Active Member

    front or rear lights?

    the rear lights have been done - see the "facelift taillights" link in my signature.

    I think the fronts are a slightly different shape as there is a different bonnet and bumper on the facelift.

    The mirrors also need new mounts as they are the ones from the MkV golf.
  3. Sohrob

    Sohrob Member

    Basically to make my 57 plate s3 look like the new model due out in a few months.

    Probably a costly exercise and something i wont do however if i could get the parts cheap enough through my pal at Audi i may consider it.

    I wasnt going to keep the car long but i may give it to the Mrs as i reckon i will get raped if i try trade it in.

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