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Changing the steering resistance on a S5

hatmeow Mar 9, 2009

  1. hatmeow

    hatmeow Turbo is the only way....


    I am from the A3 forum and would like to ask a question for a friend of mine that has an S5.

    He loves the car but the steering feedback / resistance is killing him as he has just changed his car from a 335i. He feels its too light. I know that for the A3 / Mk V golfs, you can change the resistance of the steering using VAGCOM. Is this possible through VAGCOM with the S5? If yes where do we change the value and what is the recommended range?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Cupramax

    Cupramax Uber pimp meister

    I doubt it although I may be proven wrong. The A3 & Golf have electric power steering which you can adjust the rate of assistance, I'm pretty sure the S5 has conventional hydraulic Servotronic steering which I've never seen anything regarding adjustments via Vagcom on.

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