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changing the ignition barrell

matmaxedout Jun 21, 2009

  1. matmaxedout

    matmaxedout Member

    Hi all,

    tech question for the people in the know how.

    Do you need to take the steering wheel off to change the ignition barrell on a 2008 A3?

    Reason i'm asking is that my car has just come back from the dealership after they informed me that the reason my electric window button stopped working was their is a fault with the ignition barrel, so they replaced the barrel (windows still not working by the way, even though they told me it was all fixed!!!!!!) and now my steering wheel is not straight.
    so before i call them tomorrow i could do with finding out if they had to remove the wheel, hence why its not straight or is their another reason it's not straight???
  2. Khufu

    Khufu Well-Known Member

    not 100% sure on the a3 but often the barrel is seperate from the electrical contact so it surely would have been that that was changed & not the barrel the key goes into. Changing the barrel would involve removing the wheel.

    If it was these contacts on the ignition switchthat were at fault then several other electrical sytems wouldnt be working either. Their computer will have logged a fault from it at some point and 2+2=22

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