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Changing Rear Pads and Discs on S3

Pat Mar 3, 2007

  1. Pat

    Pat Member

    After spending the best part of 7 hours cleaning my s3 i noticed my rear discs and pads are shot.. I work in the parts trade so pay very little for these.. Just wondered how easy they are to change.. I have done the fronts and they were a doddle.. Any advice welcome
  2. claudefrog

    claudefrog Member

    you will need a piston windback tool to wind the pistons back in on the rear calipers
  3. vanilla_ice

    vanilla_ice Member

    I would also like to know as it was an advisory at my last service.


  4. vanilla_ice

    vanilla_ice Member

  5. Ess_Three

    Ess_Three Active Member

    To do the rears:

    With the wheels off, locate the two bolts that hold the calliper part onto the calliper carrier (not the carrier to hub bolts)...I seem to recall they are 11 or 12mm.
    Remove these bolts

    Remove the calliper so it's left attached by the brake line and handbrake cable
    Loosen your brake reservoir cap (engine bay)

    Use the wind back tool to wind the rear pistong all the way in - don't force them,...stop when they stop turning.
    It may be an idea to lubricate the dust shields when you do this (where the rubber seal meets the piston)

    Clean up the areas on the carrier where the pads fit

    Slot the pads in, making sure they slide freely in the carriers - file the pads slightly if they don't - some pads do, some don't.

    Apply coppaslip to the areas where the pads contact the carrier, and where the calliper contacts the pads.

    Place the calliper back onto the pad/carrier and push against the spring action of the pads until you get the 2 bolts back in place

    Then, when it's all back together, press the brake pedal as many times as needed to get a firm pedal...this will self adjust the rear callipers up.
    Check your handbrake action too...it should be fine...if it's not adjust it using the 10mm nuts under the centre console rear section (I think there is a cover/ashtray or something that comes out to get to them)

    That'll be you...once the wheels are back on, of course.

    Take your time in cleaning the carriers and areas where the pads fit, as it'll help stop them binding in the future.
  6. Pat

    Pat Member

    Thanks your a star.. gives me something to do tomoz...

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