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Changing my rear discs and pads, a little help please?

Bailey Aug 15, 2012

  1. Bailey

    Bailey Member

    Hi there people

    I am looking to change my rear discs and pads on my car and I have come across a bit of an issue so I am not sure if anyone can clear this up for me please.

    When looking on the internet there appears to be two different sizes for the rear discs and pads which need to be fitted onto my car.

    My model is a 2.0 TDI on a 2005 Reg.

    I posted up to Stoke Audi with the question and they came back with the following:


    I was looking at getting these discs:

    Pagid Audi | Euro Car Parts UK’s No.1 Car Parts Retailer

    But as the diamater stoke audi quoted me is different will they be ok or not?

    Also if anyone can recommend any pads too that would be good which would fit ok?

    If anyone can clear this up and help that would be amazing as I am looking to get this done this next week as I have just got back off holiday and I have still got a week off work.


    Last edited: Aug 15, 2012
  2. Ashto

    Ashto New Member

    Hi I have a 2007 Audi A3 1.9tdie 8PA i used brembo discs and pads size 253 these are the discs REAR Brembo Brake Discs Audi A3 1.9 TDI Hatchback 8PA [2004-2011] | eBay the job was quite easy but the discs are not coated so rust so i painted the center to combat this. I have recently changed the front and gone for Brembo max discs as they are coated. i do believe some pagid discs are coated though. I would check as some arnt. They seem to be sold individually too.

    Hope this helps
  3. Bailey

    Bailey Member

    Will it matter if I used them breaks and pads and its for a 1.9 tdi?

    When I put my reg number into euro car parts website it says they are 255mm diameter so I am not sure?


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