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Changing battery B6

chazzy Feb 25, 2007

  1. chazzy

    chazzy Member

    As it says, hints on changing the battery in a B6 Tdi.

    Tools: 6mm hex socket, 10mm spanner, 3/8" extension bar for hex socket, large flat spanner.

    Teh battery is held in a by a 6mm hex bolt, its at the front of the battery in the middle, between the battery and the bulkhead. there is a strut cross brace above this nut preventing clear access, it does have a recess in it for a tool, but the remaining gap is still too tight for the largest part of a 6mm hex socket!!

    1. remove rubber strip over bulk head
    2. Pull leaf shield forward and up to access battery.
    3. undo battery terminals (10mm spanner)
    4. undo 2x 6mm hex bolts holding cross brace to chassis on passenger side. this gives a little more play to get the socket to the hex bolt
    use the large spanner to GENTLY ease the bulkhead forward as you insert the extension bar and 6mm hex socket.
    the rest is plain sailing,
    5. If you have the same battery as me get a friend to help lift the old one out and insert the new one, its HEAVY!
    On start up the ABS/TCS warning light may come on, thihs should reset itself within a mile or so.
    the fuel sender may go a bit mad as well, undo battery terminal and leave for 10 mins then re fix.
    Sorry no pics it was 9.20 at night and dark and wet!!

  2. peacocks

    peacocks New Member

    Thanks for this,
    you just saved me loads of messing around. Used this process on my b6 s4 cab.

    The only slight difference is in step 4 you need to unclip the foam coverd pipe that runs in front of the battery to enable you to get the 6mm socket to the 6mm hex bolt holding the battery in place. You should be able to slip the socket & extention between the pipe and the battery by lifting the pipe up and forward slightly. This does make the job more fiddly but it is achieveable.

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