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Changed my cam chain and tensioner today, Now loss of power :(

jk_s3 Feb 23, 2013

  1. jk_s3

    jk_s3 Member

    I had a knocking noise from my cam chain so today i replace it along with a new tensioner, all went well, car started easily, knocking noise is gone, no engine lights or anything,

    i took it round the block and its really flap until about 4500 rpm then it goes like stink, its like there is no boost pressure until 4500 rpm. still no engine light on.

    i did remove the battery to do the chain, do you think the ecu is re adapting itself?

    also worth knowing that i used a proper cam locking set to do this job, so i would like to think the timing was right! though it does look like it could be :(

    i dont have vcds but do have a snap on reader i could use to see if there is any fault codes.

    any info would be greatfully recieved.

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