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change from a3 to a4

mozza1202 Nov 14, 2011

  1. mozza1202

    mozza1202 Member

    just wondering about an a4 ex company car with full audi service history my sportback is on 107k what would you accept as high milegae on an 2009 any advice would be grateful
  2. eno394

    eno394 Member

    I purchased my old A4 Sline company car in Sept 10 on 143k, it was an 06 plate. £4500. Not bad for a car that cost over 25k on the P11D. Full Audi service history. So I should get plenty of years use out of it now. The benefit of buying an ex company car is that all jobs that need doing are done at each and every service. No scrimping or holding back as technically your not shelling out and it should have only had one driver.

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