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Change for a small car and superbike

tku Jan 25, 2011

  1. tku

    tku Member

    Hey guys, just looking for opinions on changing my car and what you think..

    Well I currently drive a S3 but am thinking about chopping it in for something really small(ish) i.e A1 maybe and getting either a R6 or ducati superbike. Am I being stupid? Am thinking I do alot of miles etc so the S3 isn't really a good option for daily driving so thats where the A1 comes in whilst I could have fun and get my speed kick from riding the bike on a weekend or summer. Any thoughts? Am I being stupid? Can basically get both car and bike and run them for same cost as the S3. Cheers in advance! :ninja:
  2. crazy88

    crazy88 Loving the anonymity

    I think the idea is good, but if it was me I wouldn't be buying an A1. How about an older diesel A3? Better mpg and lower all round running costs too. Plus, if you get the s-line it'll be a nice car too, just not quite an S3.

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