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Centre Console.... Help!

S3PEG Jul 31, 2008

  1. S3PEG

    S3PEG Member

    Hi all,

    Basically, to help with a small dilema, I am looking for pictures of centre consoles from A/S3's. I would be very grateful if you could post your pics here. Pre and post facelift pics appreciated!

    Here's why (if you care)...

    I have a pre-facelift S3. The previous owner fitted the car with a facelift centre console to make way for a double-din head unit. To cut a long story short... one of the retaining clips snapped and so I have replaced like for like. I have since realised that nothing pre-facelift fits without adjustments!!! I am hoping to be able to order replacement buttons etc (post facelift) and fit them to my car but without pictures, I'm not sure what my options are...for example, heated seat switches have two varieties: with a/c and without a/c. I don't know what the differences are without your help...

    Thanks in advance! (Pics below...)

  2. joncook

    joncook New Member

    If you let me know an email address I'll send you some photos. I have just converted a single DIN facelift to Double DIN to fit the same RNS-D sat nav you have got.
    As a result I have a few spares - basically a full facelift single DIN centre console. The buttons, panel and cup holder above the Sat Nav are the same for both facelift double DIN and single DIN. the climate control unit below is different, the double DIN version being very hard to come by second hand. The Single DIN version can be trimmed to fit a double DIN head unit though as the units are the same but the double DIN just has a smaller profile. There will be 4 versions of the climate control, single DIN, Double DIN, and then both versions with the heated seat dials. And then the shade of black changed slightly in 2002 I believe just to further complicate matters!
    Below all this is the ash tray.
    Looking at your photo you may have to change the connectors for the switches as well, but I might be wrong..
  3. abdus

    abdus Top Gear VCDS Map User

    pre facelift A3 (yr 2000):


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