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central locking

gman82 Jun 17, 2013

  1. gman82

    gman82 New Member

    hi all this is my first post on here
    I'm having a major problem with my s3 2000 with the central locking
    I brought the car knowing the passenger wouldn't unlock using the remote, so the boot and the drivers door did.
    I found where the vacuum pump and noticed the 'blue' pipe was cut so I thought this was the problem, so I put a piece of pipe in and still nothing.
    then I noticed the boot was not locking remotely either but the driver door is.
    I took the pump apart the and the graphite part are and the pump motors ok
    so now im wondering if:
    a) is the door mechanisms in the door and boot
    b) the pump itself

    also does anyone know where I can get the pipework so I can replace the cut pipe.
  2. Danio


    You can get new pipe from the dealer but you will have to strip all the wires from the door to the boot. Not a easy job.

    I will suggest to buy just a straight connector and get them fit together. You you don't have that white clamp then you can get it easily from the scrapyard. It may come from Golf, audi a4 1997-2000
  3. gman82

    gman82 New Member

    hi cheers thanks for the info.
    I think with the pipe that's what I am going to do
    I did a bit more digging and found both the door and boot mechanism are fine so I think it must to the pump
  4. Paradox1

    Paradox1 Well-Known Member

    This Gman with the red bora??

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