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Central locking works - door pin LEDs not flashing?

TeKnodriver Jan 31, 2013

  1. TeKnodriver

    TeKnodriver Biodiesel Purrrr

    just noticed this morning that the LEDs on the door pin trim does not flash when I lock the car.
    Indicators flash and car locks fine

    Is the control unit for the LEDs part of central locking pump?
    low battery voltage perhaps?
  2. MaverickTDi

    MaverickTDi Active Member

    The battery usage for constantly operating those LEDs will be so minimal, so I doubt it's low batt voltage. I wouldn't have thought the locking pump would have any influence on the LEDs as all it does is, via air pressure, operate the door locks.

    Have you consulted your owners manual? See if they go through a fuse? Is there anything else not working i.e. interior lights etc?
  3. olds_kool

    olds_kool Active Member VCDS Map User

    I think the LEDs are alarm indicators so if they aren't flashing then the alarm isnt arming
    first thing I'd check is bonnet switch
    If you've got vag com set the bleep on arm function that would confirm if alarm is being set
  4. TeKnodriver

    TeKnodriver Biodiesel Purrrr

    Cheers for ideas...
    had a play around with the boot lock and looks like the alarm is sensing the boot hasn't closed,
    ie. if i manually engage the boot catch while it is really open the LEDs flash as before.

    I think the boot clasp/lock mech must be out of adjustment or the electrical switch [which i gather is inside this lock] is playing-up,
    will try cleaning/greasing.

    I had someone turn the bleep-on-lock off as everyone in this street seems to go to bed at 8pm...
  5. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    The beep is the quietest chirp, and is a useful notification. I really cant see it bothering neighbours in any way whatsoever...

    Oddly though, you said it was flashing the indicators...

    The beep, and the indicator flash mean the same thing.

    IE if you open a door and lock the car, then it wouldnt beep, nor would the indicators flash. Once the door is closed, the lights would then flash, and the alarm would chirp if enabled.

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