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Central Locking Pump - Shattered Impeller - Audi A4

OOBlinkOO Nov 1, 2006

  1. OOBlinkOO

    OOBlinkOO New Member

    Hi all,

    The Impeller in my Central Locking pump is shattered. To avoid having to reprogram a new pump I was wondering if I could just swap the impeller from another second hand unit. Would this be possible? If so, I am unsure on what part numbers would be compatible for just the use of the impeller.

    The part number on my Audi is 8D0-862-257-E but some of the part numbers I've seen are 8L0-xxx-xxx-x and 4A0-xxx-xxx-x.

    Can someone please educate me as to what 8L0 and 4A0 models are and if these would be compatible with 8D0 part numbers either as a whole unit or just for the impeller?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. docurley

    docurley Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I see no reason why not as long as they are the same, I once sold a different unit to someone else who took the parts he needed to get his to work so I would see no reason why you cant..
  3. inigoj

    inigoj Member

    The 8LO's have 2 vacuum lines and the 4AO's have just 1 vacuum connection.

    The electrical connectors are different too.

    The pump/impellers should be interchangeable and stayed roughly the same throughout the range.

    You can also use a Passat pump/impeller.

    See 'Central locking pump repair'

  4. VaulterTim

    VaulterTim In a world of my own...


    That was me!

    I simply used the PCB from my original unit which involved de-soldering just two wires and the pump from the donor unit and hey presto, a working pump! :)

    You will need your original PCB because most are only compatible with the same model they came out of, my donor was EXACTLY the same part number as my original only missing a letter off the end but was a totally different setup inside... I tried coding it with VAG-COM but to no avail.

    As also mentioned, if going for a second hand pump you will need to ensure that it has the same part number prefix, e.g. 4A0, 8L0 etc. so that the number of air outlets are the same... as long as that is the case and they physically fit then you should be able to simply swap your PCB over to the replacement unit.


  5. neil.c

    neil.c Senior

    The outlets can be commoned up as all this does is controls which doors open, ie just drivers door or all doors. That is assuming that the electrical connections are the same :)

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