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Central locking not working

LeeW Feb 25, 2006

  1. LeeW

    LeeW Member

    I've had no problems with the central locking until this morning. The car opened fine and when I got to where I was going it wouldn't lock. It's got factory fitted remote central locking.

    I thought it may have been the battery in the key fob but I've tried the spare key fob and also tried locking it with the key itself but still no joy. I've checked the fuses which are ok. I can hear the pump working towards the rear of the car and it seems to make a noise for longer than normal.

    I'm thinking I may need a new pump but is there a common problem I'm unaware of that I should check first?

    If I do need a new pump any idea how much they are and any recommended suppliers?

    Also is the pump in the left hand compartment near the cd changer, and is it easy to get to?

    Any help appreciated, thanks.
  2. lucyandpeter

    lucyandpeter New Member

    It sounds like you need a new pump - it will try to work for longer if the vacuum isn't created properly.

    Pumps usually cost between 100-150 form Audi, but I'll happily sell you the one I ordered for my Audi for £45.00 (which was the wrong part) if you can tell me the part number on yours (look underneath the unit - the part number ends with a letter).

    The pump is usually located in the right hand side of the boot - although I'm not sure about your actual vehicle model - it could be the other side.

    Hope this helps - email me lucyandpeter@lprobinson.fsnet.co.uk if you need any other info/help or are interested in buying the pump I have.


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