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central locking not working

ronco Sep 27, 2010

  1. ronco

    ronco New Member

    hi, haven't been on for a while, but a fault has just developed on my b7 cab. central locking on fob worked fine yesterday morning, went to use in afternoon and no go, drivers door only locking when key used. tried reprogramming as per handbook, still not working. anybody had faults on this system? or any ideas on what fault may be? thanks ronco:(:scared2:
  2. Newtome

    Newtome New Member

    It might not good news, I'm afraid. Had this happen to me a few weeks ago. It's most likely either water in the conv module in the passenger footwell, or damaged wiring in the harness leading to it.

    Even at a good independent this cost me a couple of hundred to fix.....

    Got to say, I love my A4 cab, but the running costs are getting me down. Centre rear brake light's knackered (more wiring) main service due and cambelt/water pump job is looming. Where's my credit card....?

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