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Central locking Help!!

s3schofield Oct 12, 2009

  1. s3schofield

    s3schofield Member

    My central locking annoys me so much, on my 8p 56 plate 5door a3 ! I hate that only one door opens untill you press the remote twice and i hate how it locks when i set off!!! Can someone please tell me how to recode it so its normal , one press opens all and i dont want it to lock when i set off!

  2. 1wheelonly

    1wheelonly cabriolet VCDS Map User

    in [46] - Central Convenience or yours may be labeled as [46] - Comfort System take away a value 32 for locking at speed ( so it wont lock when you drive off ) and take away a further value of 4 to remove the selective locking ( one press of fob to unlock all doors ).
    so just say your coding is " for example" 11778 - 32 (locking at speed) -4 (selective locking) = new code value of 11742

    as far as im aware this is correct for your car, mines an a4 but im sure it would be the same for you, but make sure you make a note of the coding before you make any changes so that you can put it back if anything goes wrong.

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